About Us

Diapo Leather is an American Company that imports vegetable -tanned leather merchandise which has the following benefits:

  • Every 60 seconds somebody is taken to the emergency room due to Anaphylaxis reaction and if they are not treated properly the end result is death.
  • There is NO TREATMENT for Allergies. AVOIDANCE is the treatment.
  • It is a  known  fact that if a person has some kind of allergy that person ends up to be sensitive to any allergen especially when the allergy started when they are babies. But in some other situations adults also gets the allergy when that person is expose to any allergen  like potassium dichromate is a chemical use for tanning leather and it is used by manufacturing company for vitamines, detergent, metals, stainless steel, cement, foundry, and a whole lot more that we use in our everyday life.
  • Allergy to Latex because the manufacturing company skip the most important process of making the material to manufacture the gloves. The protein that comes from the rubber was not removed and that is why medical professional ends with latex allergy.This process is the most expensive part of making gloves or any equipment that some kind of latex is in the manufacturing of medical equipment.
  • I started this company when I was diagnose with Latex Allergy when expose to it I develop anaphylaxis reaction. This allergy forced me to stop being a operating room nurse for 40 yrs. Later on I develop an allergy in my feet and hands. Patch Test was done I was diagnose with Potassium Dichromate Allergy. I have open sores, itchy, redness, blisters every time I wear my regular shoes. So after the diagnoses I could not find a shoes in the USA that has No Chrome. After 9 months of research I found a pair of shoes sold in Spain. They cost $250.00 a pair.I bought them. I found out that this particular shoes are made from a cowhide vegetable tanned leather.
  • In my research I found out that I am not the only one who is having this problem there are a group of people who writes a blog when you google "Shoe Allergies". You will see a lot of people from adults to kids that could not wear or go anywhere because they do not know where to find a shoe to wear that will not harm their feet. Sketchers, Nike, Sperry are the most listed shoes that harm quite a lot of people.
  • Having a Allergy is a debilitating, depressing, financial hardship and a lot of time you feel that you are being punished of this illness. To me I feel like it is a life sentence. I have to soak my feet to aveeno with warm water every night the apply the medications prescribed and wrap my feet and hands with sock after soaking them in the warm water and you sleep with it every night. To me this is the only way that I can do to put on a shoe and do what I need to do to support myself everyday.
  • I am sharing this personal information because I want to let other to people know that has the same problem like me can talk to me, email me, and sometimes talking to the person who is going through the same problem can understand each one another well and more sensitive to how you feel. I have people that e-mail or call me when they have questions concerning their allergy.
  • My E-mail Address: fdiapo@diapoleather.com. My tel. 904-551-3146. My Cell : 904-465-3571 Call,e-mail, text me anytime.
  • As of right now I am only selling Dresses, Skirts, Pants, Jackets, Motorcycle Jacket, Motorcycle Gloves, Fashion Gloves and Golf Gloves.They are all cowhide vegetable - tanned leather products.The shoes and handbags will follow.